Aisle One

Graphic Design, Typography & Grid Systems

An inspirational resource focused on graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism.

A Design Post

Graphic Design & Typography

People, places, and things that are inspiring. Curated by Jake Dugard.

Admire the Web

Website Design

A showcase of the very best in website design inspiration. Updated daily to keep you inspired.

A List Apart

Website Design & Website Development

For people who make websites - A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.


Graphic Design, Packaging, Architecture & Photography

Curated by Swedish Graphic Designer Petter Andersson who is currently based in Amsterdam.

Allan Peters

Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration & Film

The Allan Peters Blog was created for sharing good design and starting positive conversation among designers from around the globe.

Art of the Menu

Graphic Design & Typography

Art of the Menu, is a division of UnderConsideration, cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world.

Beautiful Type


Created by two web designers who share the same passion for typography. The content presented here is a patchwork of photos and illustrations from the Web.

Beautiful & Useful

Graphic Design & Typography

A daily inspiration blog curated by Barcelona-based graphic designer Albert Estruch.

The Beauty of Letterpress


The Beauty of Letterpress is brought to you by Neenah Paper featuring Crane® Papers as an online resource and showcase, of the best and most innovative letterpress work in the industry today.

Graphic Design & Typography

High quality design inspiration across a variety of fields including typography, branding and print.


Design Conferences

A one stop shop for all designers and developers to come and watch/listen to some of the greatest in our industry give talks from the best conferences around the world.


Graphic Design, Photography, Typography

Bitique is a graphic design blog providing daily(ish) design goodness to a global following of fellow graphic addicts.


Brand Identity, Packaging

The aim of BP&O is to share thoughts and opinions on branding and packaging from around the world. Articles are written by Richard Baird.

Brand New

Brand Identity

Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration. Its sole purpose is to chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work.

Branding - Identity - Design

Brand Identity

A look at the very best in corporate brand identity design.


Typography, Lettering, Calligraphy

All about calligraphy and hand drawn type.


Graphic Design, Web Design,

A mixture of Graphic Design, Website Design and Product Design.

Content & Chrome

User Interface Design

Content & Chrome is a collection of the best examples of modern User Interface design.

Cosas Visuales

Graphic Design, Visual Communication

Cosas Visuales is meant to be a place of inspiration, reflection, learning and resources devoted to many disciplines related to visual communication and graphic design, like typography, editorial design, web design, packaging and advertising, among many others.

Cover Junkie

Editorial Design

Coverjunkie is an addiction to magazine covers you wanna lick. A celebration of creative covers & their ace designers.

Crap Is Good

Graphic Design, Editorial, Photography, Architecture

Crap is good is a young blog which writes about an emerging and constantly growing niche within all fields of design.

Creative Bloq

Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Inspiration

Delivering your daily dose of design tips and inspiration. From the makers of and Computer Arts magazine, Creative Bloq covers 3D, graphic design, illustration, web design and more!

Creative Minds, Creative Spaces

Insight, Creative Process

Reveals the workspaces and offers insight into the mind of modern creatives.

Creative Mornings

Design Conferences

A free monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.

Creative Review

Digital, Illustration, Books, Advertising

Launched in 1980, Creative Review inspires, informs and stimulates debate across the fields of advertising, design and visual culture worldwide.

Design Everywhere

Brand Identity, Editorial, Print, Typography

Daily dose of visual inspirations for designers by designer. Visual inspirations by Preston Tham.

The Designer & the Grid

Grid, Layout, Minimalism

Collects minimalist and 'griddy' designs that continue the tradition of modernist design, with a contemporary twist. Curated by designer Sarah Schrauwen.

Design Made In Germany

Advertising, Graphic Design, Typography, Web Design,

The best works of German agencies, designers and students.

Design Defined

Graphic Design, Photography

Dedicated to showcasing the finest graphic design and photography from all over the world.

Designed Space

Design Agencies, Workspace

Designed Space sparked from two students constant desire to learn about design, dissecting each studio to find its workplace vibe.


Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Inspiration

Designspiration is a resource to help you discover and share great design.

Design Seduces

Graphic Design, Lifestyle, Packaging

A mixture of Graphic Design, Photography and packaging design.

Designer News

Graphic Design, Industry News, Tools

Design related news.

Design Work Life

Art, Books, Design, Typography

Designworklife is a part of Seamless Creative, a New York City-based design studio. Updated daily, dwl was established to catalog and share design-centric inspiration.

Escape Kit

Advertising, Art, Architecture, Design, Typography

Where you’ll find inspiring, interesting and creative work from around the world.


Art & Design, Culture, Technology, Creativity

A discovery engine for meaningful knowledge, fueled by cross-disciplinary curiosity.

Flat Design

User Interface, Flat, Web Design

FlatDesign is a showcase of some of the best examples of web design using the flat UI style/aesthetic.


Art & Design, Culture, Technology, Creativity

Founded in 2005 by an ever growing group of designers, illustrators, coders and makers eager to collect and share the best design work they came across, FormFiftyFive soon became an international showcase of creative work.

Font Fabric

Graphic Design & Typography

Every week, a new and totally unique font will be rolled out of production, which you can easily buy or download free of charge.


Lettering, Typography, Type Design

A daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world.

Fonts in Use


An independent archive of typography.

For Print Only

Print Design

A division of UnderConsideration, celebrating the reality that print is not dead by showcasing the most compelling printed projects.

Friends of Type

Lettering, Calligraphy, Typography

Friends of Type features original typographic design and lettering – fresh visual content – practically every day, by the four primary contributors. Posts are meant to log ideas, express ourselves, and inspire each other and our readers.

Good Design Makes Me Happy

Graphic Design, Lettering, Typography, Web

Good Design Makes Me Happy started in 2009 as an inspiration journal for graphic designer Hannah Dollery. The blog now has a growing readership and has become a daily read for many people.

Grain Edit

Graphic Design, Typography, Print

Grain edit is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period. Site content includes interviews, articles, designers’ libraries as well as examples of rare design annuals, type specimens, Ephemera and posters.

Graphic Porn

Branding, Graphic Design, Typography, Print

A selection of design related blog posts.

The Graphic Side Of

Graphic Design, Print, Typography

A mixture of design related blog posts.

The Great Discontent

Creativity, Design, Interviews

The Great Discontent is a journal of interviews focusing on creativity, risk, and what connects us as artists.

Grid Assault

Grid, Graphic Design, Web

Showcasing awesomeness in grid based design.


Grid Design, Print, Web

This site is the outgrowth of their own reference for the grid. The examples are a mixture of things found online and those from their own collection.

The Grid System

Articles, Graphic Design, Grid, Tools

The ultimate resource in grid systems.

Happy Monday

Design, Interview

A new, short-burst, industry podcast available every Monday, hosted by Josh Long & Sarah Parmenter.

Hover States

Interaction, Design, Web

Hover States is a collection of what's new & interesting in user interface and interaction design. It’s curated by Hover Studio, a London-based interaction design agency.

Html Inspiration

Web Design

HTML Inspiration selects the best websites developed with HTML and CSS.

I Love Typography


I love Typography (ILT) was born on August, 2007. It exists because I have a passion for typography, type design, and lettering, and for the words born of those disciplines.

I'm Not a Graphic Designer

Typography, Print Design

A visual journal from designer and editor Teodorik Mensl

The Import

Web Design, Graphic Design & Photography

The import's design inspiration gallery is a regular feed of beautiful websites, design articles and portfolios from designers, photographers and artists around the world.

Incredible Types

Graphic Design & Typography

Incredible Types is a curated collection and showcase of outstanding typography and design from around the world.

Identity Designed

Brand Identity

Identity Designed is a showcase and forum for those involved in the design of brand identities.


Web Design & Graphic Design

Insprd covers everything from Brand Identity to web and print work.

It's Nice That

Web Design, Graphic Design & Photography

It’s Nice That exists to champion creativity across a whole host of disciplines. They publish exciting, original and engaging work from both established names and talented newcomers.

Just My Type


A collection of nice font pairings from Typekit. Created by Daniel Eden.


Design, Typography & Architecture

A blog that celebrates modernism, minimalism and the International Style.


Product Design & Website Design

An online gallery of product landing pages.


UI Design

A blog that is dedicated to showcasing beautiful iPhone Apps.

Lettering vs. Calligraphy

Lettering & Calligraphy

‘Lettering vs Calligraphy’ is a project by Giuseppe Salerno and Martina Flor. It consists of a visual dialogue between a letterer and a calligrapher, where they draw/write a letter responding to a keyword given by a moderator.


Graphic Design, Product Design & Photography

A mixture of Photography and Product, Graphic and Architectural Design.


Logo Design

Logo Design Love is a website (and book) devoted to the design of logos and brand identities. Launched as a side-project in January 2008, the blog is usually updated once or twice a week.

Logo Lounge

Logo Design

LogoLounge was born out of a need for a more efficient way to find reference material for logos.

Logo Stack

Logo Design

A collection of ‘real world’—no concept or fake logo designs here—logo & brand identity designs. Logo design inspiration by you; acquired and hoarded by Graham Smith.

Lovely Package

Packaging Design

Curating the very best packaging design.


Articles & Inspiration

Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends. It’s designed for little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world.

The Milanese

Graphic Design, Art, Fashion & Architecture

Established in 2010, The is a research mood-board focused on art, architecture, design, graphic design, fashion and people.

Milk with one Sugar

Graphic Design

Milk With One Sugar (MWOS) is an online design journal/resource that showcases the very best in contemporary international graphic design & communication.

Mind That


Mind That is collection of contemporary and classic modernist/minimalist typography curated by Kristoffer Wilson.


Graphic Design

Covering all things Graphic Design.

Neue Graphic

Graphic Design, Art, Illustration & Architecture

NeueGraphic is a design blog and studio founded in November 2011 by Poh Koon.


Graphic Design & Typography

Danica Nel - Graphic Designers daily dose of design, mainly print and typography.


Graphic Design

Niice is an inspiration search engine, letting you search across multiple hand-picked sources (Behance, Dribbble, Designspiration & Fubiz for now, but they're working to add more).

Nice Things We Like

Graphic Design

A simplistic visual journal across all fields of design


Graphic Design & Website Design

Nylllon, by Thomas & Macgregor, is a collection of curated, useful links in the fields of digital design and development.

NYC Type


NYC Type is a collection of photographs I take while walking around the wonderfully colorful streets of New York.

Oh Beautiful Beer

Packaging Design

Oh Beautiful Beer celebrates remarkable graphic design from the world of beer.

One Minute With


A collection of great interviews with great designers, developers, illustrators and creatives.

One Page Love

Website Design

One Page Love showcases the best one page website designs on the internet.

The Pastry Box Project


30 People Shaping The Web. One Thought Every Day. All Year Round. Sugar For The Mind.

The Phraseology Project

Typography & Lettering

The idea is simple — You submit a letter, word or phrase and they’ll make it look beautiful with type.


Graphic Design

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. - This is our visual journal.

Graphic Design

A mixture of all things Graphic Design.


Graphic Design

Chronicling the most curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry on a daily basis.


Graphic Design & Typography

Visual journal by Eddy Ibrahim.

September Industry

Graphic Design

SI has always been about quality not quantity since day one which is why the site isn’t updated daily but rather biweekly or triweekly. If you’re looking for a carefully curated selection of the very best contemporary graphic design — exceptionally crafted work that truly inspires — you’ve found the right place.

The Setup

Insight & Workspace

What do people use to get stuff done?


Website Design

Siiimple is a collection of the best minimalist css designs on the whole internet machine. We have collected precisely 1,194 sites with 1,049 comments. Go forth & prosper.

Site Inspire

Website & Interactive Design

siteInspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive design.

Sites We Like

Website Design

Design made in Germany's daily bookmarks for your inspiration.


Website Design, Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

On this website you can find the latest Campaigns and Microsites, Portfolios, Agency and Studio Websites, Design Projects as well as Motion Graphics. Also there are some fine features & interviews.

Swiss Miss

Inspiration, Graphic Design, Lifestyle, Art & Product Design

Swissmiss is a design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg.

Two Times Elliott

Graphic Design

An online visual journal from design studio Two Times Elliott.



Type Lettering. All shapes and sizes, colors and styles.

Type Journal


A variety of typography inspiration.

Type of Type


This blog is a tribute to all designers that still manage to find new forms for a character. Without letting it lose its message. And visually to inspire and entertain.



Typographica is a review of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. Edited by Stephen Coles, also of Fonts In Use and The Mid-Century Modernist.

Using Type


Font Shop Blog created by FontFont.

52 Weeks of UX

Articles & Design

A discourse on the process of designing for real people.

Varsity Bookmarking


Varsity Bookmarking is a weekly interview magazine where questions are answered with links

Visual Cache

Design, Illustration & Photography

A visual reference site of global design, illustration and photography — with full respect and proper attribution to the creative work that is shared.


Graphic Design

Curated by David Bennett.


Articles, Inspiration & News

Vue by Hunie provides hangouts with some of the best creatives around as well as articles and more.

The Web Aesthetic

Website Design

MindSparkle Magazine showcasing the best in web design.

Weekly Miscellany

Graphic Design, Articles & News

Started in Janaury 2013 by Keir Whitaker, Weekly Miscellany newsletter is a round up of interesting reads from the last seven days. Distributed via e-mail every Friday and posted here for archiving.